1. If anyone is willing to give me the birdie or eagle course add on for ps3 that would be greatly appreciated. My psn is dunc95

  2. the golf swing on the recent tiger woods games are so bad, i have 08 for ps2 and they destroy these

  3. @teruc2 I didn’t like TW ’11 because at least 2 of the 4 rounds it fucking rained and the wind blew 20+ mph. It got really annoying. It would even rain for 3 rounds at TPC Scottsdale. where the average annual rainfall is like 10 inches. Stupid weather in that game. I hope TW ’12 improves the weather patterns.

  4. @mctrees02 obviously they aren’t going to get every player in the entire game down to the entry angle and body movement. thats what real life is for, jackass.

  5. i think they hav to put in the actual swings..i cant see myself buying it next year if they dnt..

  6. Looks like a sick game with great graphics. The reason I didn’t buy this game was because the golf swings look nothing like the players actual swings do. The swings in TW05 were 10x better.

  7. rickie outfits are the nuts! and he is a top class player/person too. go rickie from your uk fan club

  8. @DeathFromAbove1985 the sole is reason money. the more pro’s you have, the more money they have to pay the players. as for augusta course is also about money.

  9. @und3rgroundmihay08 whoever admires rickie’s all orange outfit is F’n sick. mixing orange with healthy percentage of white looks good. but an all orange outfit is ugly. rickie will look back in 15 years and say, “what was i thinking?”.

  10. @hamburglar10 Man, couldnt agree more. With all the effort they put in with making the courses look perfect and making tigers swing identical, you think the least they could do is make a more unsual swing like fowlers more realistic. Pretty brutal i think.

  11. dunno about this game, but i have ’11 and it sucks that there’s so many courses not there and so many golfers missing (yes i know there’s a map pack). TW must have a hate-on IRL for lefty, how is he not in this game? there should be less ‘nobodies’ and more of the good stuff. how could there be no augusta???

  12. guys…is it me or or looks like every year graphics are getting worse and worse, even the swings or the textures don’t look anymore as good as previous games, i would rather play tw pga tour 2004 (i have it, i can trust you it’s awesome)… 🙁 anyway i think i’m gonna buy tw 10 (i think is better than this one)

  13. its great how they add all these new courses and features, but i really wish that they could make everybodys swing what they actually look like

  14. i can see it now when you win the masters… one of the greatest achievements in golf all you will get is: Congratulations you win the masters! And then youl be straight back to doing what you did before.

  15. @xKiNGP1N couldnt agree more..they can have all these fake players have wacky swings but they cant even put the loop in furyks? they used to have it just when he used woods now they dont have it at all. 2005 was great with legends cuz they had nicklaus, palmers, etc..swing down nice. now everyones swing is the same. i tried to write to EA about it but u cant even do it…

  16. Check out my PlayStation Move game play video of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 on my page pretty good game

  17. @vika01 I think the fact that it can’t be mastered is what makes it so great..and makes you hate it so much haha.

  18. @lcthecoolone Trust me. Golf is extremly fun to play. Maybe not to watch, but playing is fun and when you learn to master the sport you’ll love the games too.

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