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Rickie Fowler

Fowler Explains USA Haircut

Two months back Fowler (Rickie) started contemplating about what extra he could do to flaunt his patriotism towards Ryder Cup. The star player had no clue that a 50 USD haircut could create so much of commotion.

When the player planned to have “U.S.A.” shaved right into back of head at his local Jupiter barbershop, he had little fun in flaunting the red, white & blue feelings which he thought might push a kick for his Ryder teammates. Pictures of this latest haircut became viral soon the moment he got off team charter right at Edinburgh airport. The social media platforms started buzzing with constant comments and his opponents and teammates did actually get the kick from it when Fowler got onto Centenary Course.

The new haircut has been appreciated as almost as much cheer as Rickie’s historic shots in major golf championships, as he accompanied Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods as sole golfers to finalize in top-five in all-4 in one single year.

“It has gone a tad crazier than what I expected”, remarked Fowler. “I just thought that it would help to uplift the team spirit & knew that my teammates would love it- it has been kind of fun to find how people, fans, social media and the European team are reacting to it.”

“I know as I have seen snaps of people in my hometown getting same haircut. That day I saw a person with ‘EU’ shaved on a side of the head. It has been quite fun. It is all about flaunting your spirit for the nation. It’s just some different avenue to show it.”

However, some people have exposed negative comments about the haircut saying that the golfer was being actually harsh, tad thuggish as well as too much over-the-top.