Rickie Fowler, the 22 year old American golfer has gone through quite a considerable amount of pressure at the Korean Open this year. However, he show cased a great deal of skills to finally emerge victorious at the end.

His six shot win made golf champion Rory Mc’Ilroy end up in second spot. His opponent has agreed that he had missed quite a few opportunities where he could have managed to turn the score card but has eventually not been able to. The simple reason behind this is that Rickie Fowler has put on a spectacular and amazing performance all throughout the tournament and has not even given a single chance to his opponent to show case his talents.

Rickie Fowler aims to be a part of the Ryder cup team. He feels happy to have made an establishment for himself in the golf world and is sure that he can take on the rest now. This tournament itself was a little shaky in the beginning for him, but he managed to gain his hold soon enough and once there, no one could hold him back. He is confident and has a good control over the ball and manages to drive it in the correct direction.

Rickie Fowler is currently at his best performance when it comes to his professional career. Rory commented after the tournament saying that there had been quite a few blunders that he had made, but there was no denying the fact that Rickie Fowler put on a fantastic performance. Rickie is sure to be on cloud nine as of now, but needs to focus himself and practice more on his game so that he is able to remain consistence in his performance and keep up the good game play and maintain a consistent record.