Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler’s Golfing Style

Not every golfer is the staid and conservative player.

There is no better example than Rickie Fowler. He is considered a rock star and not without reason. If you see his style of playing you will know that he does not follow the traditional path when it comes to golfing. Hence, you cannot title him as a kid who has grown up and learned to play the game in a country club environment. Having come from a semi rural region in California, he has had lots of fun racing dirt bikes from five years of age as well as discovering golf as a game in Murrieta which is his home town.

Fowler is titled as the number eleven player in the world rankings and that is no minor achievement under his belt. He has several fast cars in his garage today, though his love for dirt bikes still remains. He even sponsors a racing team of Porsche in US. He is planning to try racing himself after a point in time when golf feels too hard for him.

If you look around the see the general profile of most golfers, he stands out from the rest. You would have seen him in the Bahamas this year when he took off his shoes and shirt and danced on top of a golf cart. He did not resemble any professional or conservative golfer at that time and that surely summarizes how he lives his life and plays his game.

It sure works well for the twenty seven year old who was on his spring break for four days in the Bahamas. He hosted a blok-a-thon with his friends and who were not merely players themselves, but world rankers themselves like Smylie Kaufman, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and others. The game was definitely a fun and learning one for all them.