1. No need for this vid Fowler WON KOLON KOREA OPEN, congrats rickie hope this starts a string of wins

  2. He is the future of golf no doubt. Golf seems boring and dull when it comes to how they dress, he adds that color that the PGA always needed. He doesn’t care what people think: HE IS FEARLESS. So i can’t really put it any better, he will change golf forever…

  3. Listen faggot haters. If you don’t like him why even bother watching his videos! I love rickie!!! He’s amazing you haters are just jealous!

  4. HEY!!!! golfer96 your the fag rickie is the shit man thts where the game is at if u gonna watch this clip y be hatter.

  5. @bardugle Rory is playing on the European Tour so it’s hard for him to win the Rookie of the year for the PGA Tour…

  6. I cant believe he won rookie of the year. Rory should of had that hands down. Now look at the success that Rory is having.

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