1. Rickie Fowler and I have won the same amount of majors. I didn’t rip on
    Rickie. Everything I said is spot on. He has not lived up to expectations
    at all. Instead of worrying about flat bill caps and horrible outfits, he
    should try to improve his game so he can compete in the majors and not
    choke down the stretch like he always does. Speaking of choking, I’m
    surprised you can type while you’re choking on a mouthful of Rickie. I’m
    sure you are the type of fan that Rickie is scared of hahahahaha

  2. well he is trying to make every putt lol, hes not trying to miss…4 putts
    can happen in mini golf easily

  3. Haha, this is so loose and care free it isn’t even funny. Rickie can putt,
    we all know that. 🙂

  4. How many PGA tour events have you won? Shut the fuck up and keep playing
    your par 3 course. Must suck to rip on people that would make you look like
    a chump. Keep that self esteem going.

  5. he just misread the putt putt course a bit haha jk still wicked funny, he’s
    not even trying

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