1. I see he isn’t wearing the hat backwards anymore. At least he isn’t wearing plaid!! LOL

  2. My guess is that Ricky is a real short guy, because he has the typical swing pattern of such a player

  3. I mentally cannot understand how he can hit the ball so well…. i’m not dissing his swing at all but seriously, his timing, rhythm and rotation must be perfect

  4. don’t matter what his swing looks like, her is in great impact position with a ton of power, thats why this guys is a pro and everybody else commenting including myself is a amateur

  5. @stevepising i have seen u comment on loads of swing videos ,,can u just shut up u cunt , if u can do better , why are u not a tour .. u stupid wanker

  6. @stevepising

    shut the hell up….dude is top 20 in the world….his swing is more than solid and his ball striking is phenominal….unorthodox does not mean awful u hack.

  7. @haLFbReEdpimp44 Right haha =) i didn’t know he played a draw but yeah fade looks hard and all i know is his draw puts enough spin to stop those balls on the green fast

  8. @AMMrawCR he plays a consistent draw, and his downswing, well the whole swing actually is crazy but he comes down from the inside to play the ball out right to left every shot, i dont know if this dude can hit a fade swinging like that huh?

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