1. OMG! WTF are you talking about, can you say JIM FURYK, Miller barber, Lee
    Trevino, Dusty Johnson, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus JUST to name a few
    with less than technical swings. It doesn’t matter HOW the club comes back,
    it matters how the head is put on the ball at contact. You don’t know shit
    from shinola!

  2. @golfusa09 impressive thing about fowler is that he says him and his coach
    have never looked at his swing back on video. i always get my coach or
    little brother to record me from time to time

  3. ricky sucked tigers dickey again, next time tiger wants rickey to dye his
    hair blonde and blasian silk sperm comes his way bareback ricky

  4. @muddywater661 would save us from the 5-6 hour rounds, that’s for sure. and
    it would not give people time to “think” over their shot when they’re
    addressing the ball. thinking is done before the ball is addressed.

  5. haha me and my dad saw him at Quail Hollow and my dad said watch this kid
    but dont blink! ahah

  6. dude, i go through phases in my golf swing. a year ago it was like john
    daly, 5 months ago it was like rickie fowler, a month ago it was like bubba
    watson, and now its like phil mickelson. lol.

  7. @williamwilson666 ..Yeah, an idiot like you would say anyone with a flying
    elbow can’t win. You’ve just shown your ignorance just admit it and move on
    loser. Flat means NOTHING if you get the clubhead back on the ball, look at
    Dustin Johnson bowed left hand. But of COURSE to an idiot like you, that
    would NEVER work, right loser.

  8. One waggle, grounds the club and he’s off. I wish more golfers would try
    it. That goes for amateurs and pros! I’m not saying I’m there yet, but I’m
    trying. Leave a response if you agree or disagree.

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