Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler Celebrated Majors Of Friend In Wanamaker Trophy

“We can learn a lot from watching our friends playing well and getting the job done”.

Golf version of Rickie Fowler is like an action hero, he keeps showing up late to save himself in the majors.

At the PGA Championship, the final six holes of Fowler were nothing but a kind remarkable, the very reason why Fowler should stay in the category of “when” and not “if” because it relates to winning a major.

Apparently out of disagreement, Fowler holed a birdie on 20-foot birdie putt on No. 12 and hit the tee shot on the 13th for another birdie to 8 feet. Fowler drove the green of 14th to 40 feet for a birdie of two-putt, and then he holed a chip nearly on the par-5 15th to do the fourth birdie in line.

Fowler figured it out that he requires two more birdies, and the nasty three-hole stretch also known as the “Green Mile” is a difficult one to do that. It didn’t give more than one birdie to any player in the final round. However, he did not lose his hopes and managed to make a pair of par putts of 8-foot that he could not afford to miss. That was the heroic stuff of Fowler.

Nevertheless, the “Green Mile” didn’t let him do what he desired for and the Wanamaker Trophy went on the hand of its new owner, Justin Thomas. He is a good friend of Fowler, who lives in Florida.

Fowler wrapped up its overall performance, with these sentences: “Made all the cuts. That is a good step. Nice coming off of last year.”

Though Fowler must be satisfied with his performance, but not us, it was the baby step in comparison to his competitors.