1. his flexibility is insane but i just dont see how his spine will be able to cope with that much torque

  2. You people need to focus on the most important key point in this kids swing. His left leg is pushing off the ground SOOO Hard from the top, which causes his hips to open at an incredible speed, aiding the kinectic chain of power. Seriously, Look at right before impact, His left foot is like 100 feet off the ground!

  3. @fradaja take another look.Going back the left arm is straight to the point of being hyper-extended and then it starts bending from the top of the backswing down to impact.
    He almost looks like calvin peete at impact.

  4. after further analysis,the bent left arm is caused by failure to maintain spine angle in the downswing.Rickie needs to get a feeling of pulling up with his upper body in the downswing in order to correct his problem.

  5. @watertonrivers
    Interesting example. Hypothesis: Ricky Fowler will screw up his back if he doesn’t change his swing.
    Proof: Moe Norman shot a 59 when he was 62. What?

  6. @MrAzzatron I agree. By the time Fowler hits age 30 to 35, his back will be a mess,unless he modifies his swing. Here’s a fact to illustrate what I mean; Moe Norman at age 62 shot his third 59. It is not how far you are pounding drives as you get older, it’s how many fairways and greens you are hitting.

  7. It’s so stupid how people on here talk about his swing like if they are on the PGA tour, efn LPGA tour for that matter he’s top 20 in the world I’m sure he could care less about your stupid critiques, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  8. Sorry to tell you this mrazzatron… But I’m pretty sure he has made a shit ton of money with that swing. He prob made beyond what you make in a year in one tournament. Ha.

  9. I saw that long drive competition in Nevada. They hit the ball 400 yds and nothing was touching the ground at impact ? Carl Welty

  10. What percentage of weight transfer do you call it when the left foot is off the ground at impact? Just amazing. Why didn’t my golf instructor teach me that move? ;o)

  11. the transition down reminds me of Rory McIlroy. Probably not the same at all but it looks alot like him to me.

  12. Ball is on club face for .00035 of a second. How important is half the crap you guys bang on about as faults.

  13. @Dreama40 good point. haven’t noticed that and now that u mentioned it, it seems so obvious.

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