1. Great video, Herman. I only had a chance to watch part 1, but will get to the others later. Thanx for getting a few shots of Dustin Johnson in this year! I look forward to seeing the other parts to your footage. – Jim

  2. Love these videos you make with a commentary. What a great tournament it was! Felt a bit sorry for McIlroy at the end though..

  3. Glad to do it – I’ll try to post an individual video of Weir in slow motion on my Channel – if I can find the video file again. – Herman

  4. @hermanwilliamsgolf Been trying for practice tix. I give up on on regular tournament tix. Unless you know someone or can afford them via a ticket agency (re: $10,000+)…. it’s impossible. PS. i’m not in the USA, so just can’t turn up and try my luck.

  5. @itubeutude Wow … 15 years is a bummer. Are you trying for practice round or Tournament tickets. You have a better chance for practice round. I saw people buy tickets on the street this year for practice rounds – you never know if you take a gamble and go you might find a way to get in. Good luck. Tournament ticket may be almost impossible as people get them for life and don’t give them up.

  6. @hermanwilliamsgolf Typo on shutter speed – it’s 1/2000th per second or faster. EX-FH100 allows for manual setting of shutter speed which is critical to avoid shaft blur in golf swings and it can film at up to 1000 frames per second where normal cameras are only doing 30 frames per second. It will film in HD but it’s not useful for getting the fast details in a golf swing.

  7. I really appreciate these videos. Love to see the majors practice rounds. Especially like you said, “us lefties appreciate seeing Weir”.

  8. well idk why it wont let me paste my video on here but could you go to my videos and click on the one that says impact this is what i been talking about that i want to fix if you know how to help me with this i need to see see you asap it would be a miracle thanks

  9. @itubeutude Looked like half the field or more was sporting white drivers. Become a PGA Member or plan to spend a lot of money and/or wait a long time for tickets. Try the Masters practice round ticket lottery online and you may get lucky for practice round tickets.

  10. @jpgol1 Sorry … I was only there on Monday – no Ernie, Tiger or Phil. I’ve got Ernie from a few years ago that I might be able to dig up and put up on the channel. I’ll see what I can do. – Herman

  11. @hermanwilliamsgolf I agree the video would look better in HD but files are huge and we give up the high shutter speed in HD. All of the video regular speed or slo-mo is shot with 1/2000th shutter speed or faster for use in golf instruction. You guys can pause the normal speed stuff and should be able to see the shaft – although video quality does degrade by the time it’s available from YouTube. Thanks for watching and commenting. – Herman

  12. How far does Nathan hit it? It doesn’t seem like he’s going at it too hard, kind of a unique move thats for sure.

  13. awesome video herman. im so glad you went to this years, iwas really hoping you would so i could see the video. also, thanks to some of your instructional tips ive improved plenty over the off season!

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