It Is Injury Prone For Jason Duffner

It is not just Tiger Wood s who is dealing with injury being a former champion of PGA. The approach of a player for the tournament becomes difficult when he is battling from an injury. Duffner was diagnosed recently with neck bulging with two disks which is continuing from April.

It is a known fact then that why he is not being able to weigh it down on the expectations in 2014. Probably, this year is not going to be a crowning glory for him. His first title of the major at the Championship of PGA in 2013 will give him enough energy to defend the title at this week in the Golf Club, Louisville. It is not the injury which will let him down most probably.

Dip pinching is what Duffner is famous for playing golf with. He has the ability to stick around with 18 holes without a change of the emotion or any change in the facial expression. His score remained constant with 7 scaling it down from 1 to 10. On the course of the golf nothing is shown. The discussion regarding the surgery is not revealed much but it does make a big impact on the style of playing.

Lack of adequate sleep and restlessness is making him weak. No sleep, certainly does not work in golf. In the three seasons previously his performance was much talked about and better. It was in the week of the masters that he discovered the neck pain. Top 10 finish is something commendable in 2014 with the injury.

Starts of the last four have not been good so far. Entry to Valhalla might bring positive results into his performance. The start has been decent but only when starting off with Augusta the struggle has begun.