1. Love this! Looks like you had fun and for a good cause! Bubba, is that the Richard Mill watch you’re wearing in video? Angela @Leeveit2bieber #Moms4Bieber

  2. I put this in my ipod today on the speakers, and my girlfriend was like who is that? I’m like its just a bunch of PGA Tour players, that’s all. LOL

  3. Go Golf Boys ! Your guys are too funny ! We would like to have you on The Aussie Golf Show some time. Are you guys coming to Australia any time soon ?

  4. My dad goes, “Which one is Bubba Watson?”
    So I said, “Which one looks like the BUBBA?”


  5. I did this with three other classmates for our Senior dance in front of the entire student body bc our theme was Country Club it was awesome..Hope they make more keep it going Golf Boys.

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