Fowler Sure To Swing In Protest

While the recent Bangkok protests is making headlines everywhere, US young golf sensation Rickie Fowler has announced that he not afraid to swing in the protest hit Bangkok. The Thai capital is to host “Thailand Golf Championship” from December 12 to 15 this year.

“I have not caught much on the TV”, said the 25 year old American golfer while asked about his opinion on the current violent affairs rocking Bangkok everyday now. “I have heard little bit about it. I am not too tensed & I am very much excited to see Bangkok”.

“I have got to know a number of good things & I believe that everybody with the tour & everyone organizing this event would treat us well & we would be fine”, Fowler continued assuring his complete trust on the organizers of the Thai championship.

Asked whether the young golf pr has ever considered to withdraw from the championship, Rickie expressed a firm refusal. In his own words- “No, there is nothing such yet.”

However, he did not deny the possibility of a second thought in case something serious actually happens. “I am sure that if something crazy happens, I might have questions. However, I am pretty aware that every guy from US is super excited to land up at Bangkok.”

The anti-government protesters in Thailand have been into street fights with police abetting political violence in Bangkok- 3 years post several deaths in a notorious crackdown on Thai mass rallies. Barricades and barbed wires are all over the Thai capital these days post severe clashes with protesters with the police force who forced water cannon, rubber bullets and tear gas.

However, the 1 million USD Thai Golf Championship has been scheduled to be hosted at Amata Spring Club, which is located outside the capital city & is afar from the protested zones.