Rickie Fowler

Fowler Auctioned Off His Arnold Palmer Shoes On eBay

In the Arnold Palmer Invitational (API) player Rickie Fowler wore themed Arnold Palmer High-top Puma spikes.

The next week, player auctioned a second pair of shoes for the price of $25,300 on eBay. And the money he got from the auction, he donated all of it to the Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation (AACF).

When asked about this move Fowler said, “The handmade shoes, which were the second pair are currently being auctioned off,”  “It’s been there and only six days are lefts on the auction. So, the person who will bid the highest amount will get those shoes.” He added. “Now, the shoes that I am wearing I am hoping that I will take the left shoes home, at my house I have got an Arnie setup and I want to keep the shoe of right foot here.”

The move of Fowler to auction his shoes and donating the money to different organizations that are working for social cause is not doubt a praiseworthy move. And, Fowler is not the only one who has done this for the first time. Many players from different field have done this to support the charity work. The charity of this type is seen in other sports also like poker, sailing, etc.

However, as if now, Fowler has no intention to put any other of his belonging on auction except the shoes and hat. But, maybe in future fans of Fowler may see some more of his belongings on eBay and buy it to create a collection.

Fowler has donated the auction amount of $25,300 to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation (AACF). The organization work for the benefits of people belongs to the Army. The organization supports the needy family with the donations that they receive from different hands.