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Rickie Fowler


Tiger Woods is regaining his strength day after day, going by his recent revelations.

The golf veteran does not know when he would return to the game professionally yet but he admits he has been working with some PGA Tour stars.

For now Woods’ practices regimen is limited to 60 yards but he has been having fun putting against Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas at his backyard. He says he is chipping and putting almost every day as he works out profusely.

Woods underwent a back fusion surgery in April, so as he recovers he avoids full swings based on doctor recommendation. He is set to undergo an important X-ray test to see the progress on his back since the surgery. This test would decide the next steps as he insists on playing on professionally.

Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler Celebrated Majors Of Friend In Wanamaker Trophy

“We can learn a lot from watching our friends playing well and getting the job done”.

Golf version of Rickie Fowler is like an action hero, he keeps showing up late to save himself in the majors.

At the PGA Championship, the final six holes of Fowler were nothing but a kind remarkable, the very reason why Fowler should stay in the category of “when” and not “if” because it relates to winning a major.

Apparently out of disagreement, Fowler holed a birdie on 20-foot birdie putt on No. 12 and hit the tee shot on the 13th for another birdie to 8 feet. Fowler drove the green of 14th to 40 feet for a birdie of two-putt, and then he holed a chip nearly on the par-5 15th to do the fourth birdie in line.

Rickie Fowler


Tuesday morning saw Michael Da Costa spend most of it finishing one of the countless items on his agenda.

He was completing the new hardwood floors in the grill room at the SkyView Golf Club.

This new change remains one xof the several changes the club’s new head golf professional is seeking to implement for his first season at the club.

Golfers who normally tee it up in the mountainous rolling course this season should more or less expect a new, modern feel that the head golf professional is planning to promote on the course this year.

Already overhauled is the club’s pro shop. The grill room is also undergoing a complete face lift from floor to ceiling. In order to introduce golfers to the course, Da Costa is hoping to host varieties of new events on the course this season.

Speaking, he noted that the vision was to promote the course as a full public course.

“The vision that we both have is to get the course back to where it was, promoting that it’s a full public course, we offer memberships and get our outings back to where they were a few years ago,” he said.

Rickie Fowler

Fowler Auctioned Off His Arnold Palmer Shoes On eBay

In the Arnold Palmer Invitational (API) player Rickie Fowler wore themed Arnold Palmer High-top Puma spikes.

The next week, player auctioned a second pair of shoes for the price of $25,300 on eBay. And the money he got from the auction, he donated all of it to the Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation (AACF).

When asked about this move Fowler said, “The handmade shoes, which were the second pair are currently being auctioned off,”  “It’s been there and only six days are lefts on the auction. So, the person who will bid the highest amount will get those shoes.” He added. “Now, the shoes that I am wearing I am hoping that I will take the left shoes home, at my house I have got an Arnie setup and I want to keep the shoe of right foot here.”

Rickie Fowler

We may never again see a vintage Tiger Woods

While Tiger Woods is yet to call it quits away from the game in which he has so far won 14 Majors, the fact remains that he isn’t sure of where he is going.

This weekend saw the golf super star in Bahamas, once again playing in a competitive action, and trying to find out what is left of his swing, his legend and his game.

Rickie Fowler, Current PGA hotshot, while musing before Woods teed off at the Hero Challenge on Thursday had said,

“The better he plays, the better it is for golf.”

Nothing that would be said after Sunday by the time Woods wraps up his 72nd hole, would be more salient than the words of Rickie Fowler.

Woods remains a cornerstone for golf, which he has been not just before teeing off on Thursday in Nassau, after laying off for about 465 days, but even for the past 20 years.

Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler’s Golfing Style

Not every golfer is the staid and conservative player.

There is no better example than Rickie Fowler. He is considered a rock star and not without reason. If you see his style of playing you will know that he does not follow the traditional path when it comes to golfing. Hence, you cannot title him as a kid who has grown up and learned to play the game in a country club environment. Having come from a semi rural region in California, he has had lots of fun racing dirt bikes from five years of age as well as discovering golf as a game in Murrieta which is his home town.

Fowler is titled as the number eleven player in the world rankings and that is no minor achievement under his belt. He has several fast cars in his garage today, though his love for dirt bikes still remains. He even sponsors a racing team of Porsche in US. He is planning to try racing himself after a point in time when golf feels too hard for him.