1. @KTMisFORfaggots ok bud. enjoy working at wal mart with your cool dirt bike. youreee soooooo rad. gnarly bro gnarly.

  2. @jimmythacricket1 lol get your head out of the gutter, Rickie is dating Olin Browne’s daughter Alex. He’s not gay lol but whats it matter anyways? lol you gossip people kill me lol

  3. @devinmorgolf i dunno. I am starting to believe ricky fowler is gay. just some of the videos hes in seem a bit…strange

  4. @rtw91569 bubba watson is the posterboy for ADD on tour just search for “bubba watson trickshot” and you’ll see what i mean

  5. There’s a slightly odd vibe between Bubba and Fowler. Not homosexual. But Bubba seems to be more immature around Fowler, who is, after all, 11 years younger. This is sort of silly. Fowler didn’t seem shocked or amused.

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