1. @W0weeZ0wee The climate of a region will often reflect its history. So I will often, at will, speak on dominate aspects of a region’s history. Me merely citing documented facts does not a ‘debate’ make. As far as who the ruling class was in the South’s history or what their labor costs were- not, there’s really no debate there. Finally I really would like to read the written dress codes for these Golf tournaments myself. I may want to compete in 2021 and I’d need to know.

  2. @jhvenus2004 I didn’t call you a liar because you were expressing your opinion on the topic, and I was just doing the same. I’m not saying you are/were wrong, I was simply expressing another opinion on the topic. No need to get into a sociological or historical debate over this. The fact is that there is a set of standards for dress at the Masters, the same you see if you follow the Wimbledon tournament in tennis in England. There players wear all white.

  3. @W0weeZ0wee Yeah, so it’s not ‘ignorance’ to aquire wealth, privilage & ‘tradition’ on a foundation of human atrocities, but it’s ‘ignorance’ to speak of it. Riiiiiiiight. I noticed that you did NOT call me a ”lier”. ?? Exactly. Tu Vete para carajo.

  4. @W0weeZ0wee (etiquette) Reports didn’t state that Fowler had been informed that he was violating any dress code. It simply stated that he’d been ”asked” to turn his hat. So first of all, he is an adult and not to be micro-managed and dictated to. However, if there is a written dress code that ‘prohibits’ the wearing of a cap backwards, then the correct thing to do is to inform him of it instead of expecting him to just conform to someone’s whim. Just my thoughts so far;….

  5. @TThirdplaneTT I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with class or personal wealth that they asked him to turn his hat around. It probably has to do more with tradition and keeping respect and etiquette a part of the game. This is the Masters, not the X-Games. If you don’t want to respect the game’s traditions and past, then don’t participate, especially at such a historical place like Augusta.

  6. @TThirdplaneTT I guess old habits die hard. Remember, this is the South. I guess they’re still used to dictating to ppl. Still this is light by comparison. At least he doesn’t have to worry about them forcing him to wear oversized ankle bracelets- like they used to.

  7. The old school Masters faggots told him he had to turn his around the “right” way. What a bunch of old rich cocksuckers.

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